First Bank Nigeria Online Internet Banking Transfer code Customer Care Mobile App

First Bank Nigeria Online Internet Banking Transfer code Customer Care Mobile App

First Bank of Nigeria Online Internet Banking platform, it’s numerous advantages, uses, registration and other useful information about this platform.

In present times, most things are done online. Banking included. First Bank is one of the banks who take this trend into cognizance and their ability to properly involve themselves in this trend explains why they are still in business despite their age.

Merits Of First Bank’s Online Internet Banking

The online platform of First Bank is known as ‘First Online’ and there are a lot of benefits to get by banking online with them.

The Benefits of First Bank’s Online Internet Banking includes:

1. Checking your First Bank account balance.

2. Previewing your transaction history

3. Tabling your complaints and managing your account.

4.Recharging mobile phones.

5.Managing your ATM card(s), changing your security PIN and creating one time transaction codes.

6. Paying most bills examples of which are Cable TV bills, Internet data subscription, utility bills, etc

7. Funding your e-commerce wallet.

8. Transferring funds to both first bank accounts and other bank accounts that are not First Bank accounts.

9. Updating details of your account by entering the current information such as Phone number, email address, etc. made to your account over the First Online internet banking platform are immediately reflected on your account.

10. Payment of hotel bookings, flight tickets, visa application fees etc.

11. Confirming and managing your Cheques.

12. Adding or removing signatories to your corporate account.

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In fact, any activity that can be carried out in the banking hall can be performed by you, from the comfort of your home, office and just about anywhere. It saves you precious time and energy. It is fast, better and reliable. If this isn’t convenience then we don’t know what is.

How to Register And Use First Online Internet Banking

To gain access to the First Bank’s Internet banking platform, registration is required. The rationale for registering first is that it implies that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions and that you agree with them.

We have prepared a detailed guide on the procedure for the registration for First Online Internet banking.

Firstly, visit First Bank’s Internet banking portal

Next step is to download the application form, fill it properly and then take the filled form to any First Bank Branch nearest to you for submission. Registration would be completed at the bank. Don’t consider going to the bank to complete registration a bother. This is only a small price to pay for the numerous benefits you stand to enjoy upon registration.
When registration has been completed, you can login and voila! you are in for easy and Smoth banking

How To use First Online Internet Banking platform;

visit on your web browser.

You would be asked to login with your username. The username is the one created for you at the bank.

When you have logged in, click on ‘Mail’. This is located on the left hand side of the web page.

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Then check your mail. You would get a password. You would need this password to access your account for the first time so endeavour to make no mistakes in copying it out.

Go back to the First Online website and put in your default username and your
password that is the one you received in the mail. Be very careful and make sure you enter the right password.

When you have successfully logged in change the password to one that is convenient for you, making sure that it is in line with the First Online password structure. This structure is that your new password must contain at least one special character, one number, and at least one alphabet.

After you have successfully changed password, confirm your email address.
When you’ve done this, there is nothing stopping you from the amazing benefits of banking online with First Bank.

First Bank Customer Care Number
Contact first bank customer through – +234 700 FIRSTCONTACT (+234 700 34778 2668228)
+234 708 062 5000
+234 1 448 5500

First Bank Nigeria Online Internet Banking Transfer code Customer Care Mobile App

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