DSTV Nigeria Payment Customer Packages Boxoffice

DSTV Nigeria Payment Customer Packages Boxoffice

Of all the Satellite cable TV service from in Nigeria and across Africa DSTV is the best. It provides direct-to-home DTH pay TV services to customers across Africa and has of the cheapest pay TV packages in Nigeria and equally boasts of innovative services like HD channels, HD PVR decoders, and a mobile TV service.

The DSTV Compact Plus was launched specifically for sports lovers.

Compiled in this page is detailed information on DSTV HD PVR, decoders, packages or bouquets, HD channels, SD channels, DSTV Mobile and prices of various DSTV packages.
Included also is information on how to order for or subscribe to DSTV from dealers in Nigeria
and information about the recent Explora Decoder.

The HD channels currently available on DSTV are, SuperSport HD 11, SuperSport HD 12, SuperSport HD 3, MNET West HD, MMET Premium HD, iConcert HD, and Discovery HD Showcase. HD offers clear and excellent pictures including a wonderful sound.

Are you a lover of sports? DSTV has got you covered. Barclays English Premier League is provided on DSTV. So, if you feel like watching the whole 380 matches live, you have no worries. Nevertheless, to be able to view all SuperSport channels that shows the Barclays Premier league in Nigeria, you’ll have to go for the DSTV Premium package, which is for N13,980 monthly.

Do you think it is expensive? But you really love sports? Hakuna matata! There are cheaper options that would equally satisfy you.

The DSTV Compact Plus package, offers 90% English Premier league matches, sports coverage, including other channels provided in the DSTV Compact bouquet. This Compact Plus is at the rate of 9,420 Naira per month.

The Compact package not so long ago added some more sports channels for your enjoyment.

DSTV Explora Decoder

Of them all the DSTV Explora is the most advance decoder from Multichioce. It provides a lot of exquisite features that guarantee’s you a wonderful viewing experience.

The Explorer is first an HD PVR decoder. This implies that you have access to high quality HD content from HD channels. It equally allows you to record content on the decoder. The Explora can record up to 220 hours of content.
Nevertheless, the Explore decoder is not just a PVR decoder, it is accompanied with internet access which enables you stream and download content online.

What is DSTV Catch up?

The DSTV Catchup feature allows to catchup with programmes you may have missed, as well as other content.

What is DSTV Box office

The DSTV BoxOffice provides you with exclusive access to the latest blockbuster movies.

You can rent and download any of the available movies and keep them for up to 48 hours. The price of the Explora decoder is presently 65,000 Naira, allthough you can purchase the decoder from Konga for between
30,000 and 36,000 Naira.

DSTV SD & HD PVR Decoders

To get DSTV channels, users would need a satellite dish, a DSTV decoder (HD or SD), a smart card and ofcourse,a remote control.

DSTV is a pay Satellite TV service, therefore signals are encrypted. By paying your subscription and slotting your smart card in your decoder, your decoder will be able to decode the encrypted digital TV signals.

How To Record, Pause and Commence DSTV Programs

DSTV provides HD ready Personal Video Recording(PVR) which can combine perfectly with your standard DSTV decoder, allowing you to watch two channels while recording another two channels, at the same time.

DSTV HD PVR decoders allows users to record live TV programmes and greatly enhances user experience. With the HD PVR decoders, users can record up to 150 hours of standard definition TV programming or 50 hours of HD programming.

Do you ever feel like being able to pause and commence live programmes? Your wish has been granted and that desire is just a button away!
DSTV HD PVR decoders has instant replay feature, just press a button and the last 20 seconds of the programme will be replayed. Other features of the HD PVR decoders include rewinding and fast-forwarding live TV and recording live TV programmes.

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Recording is not the only benefit of the HD PVR decoders, the HD stands for High Definition, which implies that you get more details on your HDTV while watching the new DSTV HD channels.

Your HD PVR decoder brings clearer, brighter, smoother, and more fascinating pictures to your living room. You also get wonderful sound quality.

However, the HD PVR decoders cost more than classic/standard decoders but they give you good value for your money.

To get more out of your HD PVR , DSTV now has seven high definition (HD) channels. So, DSTV Premium users with HD PVR decoders can now watch dedicated HD channels.

HD channels presebtly provided on the satellite TV service include;SuperSport HD 1, SuperSport HD 2, SuperSport HD 3, MNET HD, MMET Movies 1 HD, iConcert HD, and Discovery HD Showcase. HD provides clear and bright pictures as well as wonderful sound.

To make maximum use of HD, you will need some hardware upgrade in addition to the HD PVR decoder. This include a HD ready TV (HDTV) and a surround sound system (Home theatre).

DSTV Channels

It is a known fact that DSTV makes available the best selections of channels of any direct-to-home Satellite TV service in Nigeria or Africa.

DSTV signals are High quality digital TV signals with HD channels now invluded as well. Do whatever your need, be it news, documentaries, live sports, entertainment etc, DSTV has got your back.

What are the different DSTV Subscription Packages, Bouquets and Products?

DSTV presently provides six bouquets in Nigeria


They are;

DSTV Mobile (with compatible mobile devices) DSTV Mobile Devices
DSTV Access
DSTV Family
DSTV Compact
DSTV Compact Plus
DSTV Premium

DSTV Access is the cheapest package offering with the least number of channels. DSTV Family, DSTV Compact, and DSTV Compact Plus bouquets follow this in that order.

The Premium package provides the largest channel option and is understandably the most expensive with subscription at 11,000 Naira per month.

The Compact Plus package provides all Compact channels and adds more sports channels. It’s between the Compact and Premium package.

DSTV Packages and Bouquets Prices

DSTV initial access cost is about N15,000 to N75,900. This includes cost of satellite dish, decoder, cables, and installation cost. This price may also cover subscription for a month or more.

For DSTV Mobile Prices, compatible devices, and Mobile bouquets and cost, visit the DSTV Mobile page.

DSTV Access
How much does DSTV Access package subscription cost?
N1,800 per month

What Channels are on the DSTV Access package?

DSTV Access bouquet provides over 45 channels mostly local and international TV channels, like AIT, SilverBird, Channels, NTA I, SuperSport BLITZ, Magic World, Al jezeera, Mindset Learn, E Entertainment, Africa Magic (World, Hausa & Yoruba only) etc

CNN, BBC, and MNET channels were not included in this package the last time we checked. The Access plan now has Audio channels.

The Access package is an entry-level cable package. HD channels are not provided on this package. DSTV Access installation cost is about 15,900 Naira.

DSTV Family
How much does DSTV Family package cost to subscribe?

N3,600 per month:

DSTV Family is presumably the most popular DSTV package; it provides a reasonable selection of TV channels at a reasonable price. The Family package offers you all DSTV Access channels and more.
Channels Added to the Family package include CNN, Euro News, Channel O, ESPN Classic, Mnet Series, Inspiration, Africa Magic, MTV Base, Cartoon Network, and so on, bringing the number of channels to over 55 digital TV channels in total.
DSTV Family also has all 24 available Audio services. Audio channels available include BBC (3 channels), Voice of America (VOA), RAI radio, Ray power FM, Star FM, music channels, etc.
Installation for the Family package costs is about 17,900 Naira. This price includes dish and HD decoder. HD channels are not provided n DSTV Family.

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DSTV Compact
How much does DSTV Compact subscription package cost?

6,000 Naira per month

What channels are in DSTV Compact package?

DSTV Compact provides all Family channels and more. Channels added to the Compact package include BBC World, RAI international, Sony Entertainment, MNET Action, Africa Magic Plus, ESPN Sports, SuperSport 10, and so on, over 60 channels in all.
The Compact Plan equally has all 24 available DSTV Audio services. If you want to watch more Exciting channels then, the Compact bouquet is a wise choice. HD channels are also not provided in this package.

DSTV Compact Plus subscription is about N9,420 monthly

DSTV Compact Plus provides all DSTV Compact channels and two sports channels. The sports channels added are SuperSport 7 and SuperSport 10.
It’s purpose is to provide Sports lovers in Nigeria and across Africa access to premium sports at a more affordable price than is possible with the Premium package.
Users of the bouquet will be able to watch 90% EPL matches including other live sports like the French League, Bundesliga, PSL, Spanish La Liga as well as rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing and motorsport.
If you love sports so much and it is a priority for you, then go for Compact Plus. HD channels are not provided on the Compact plan. Note however, that if you need 100% EPL, you have to go for the Premium bouquet.

DSTV Premium package is at the rate of 13,980 Naira monthly

Do you want all and don’t want to miss out on anything? DSTV Premium package is the go to package. It has all package providing all available DSTV SD/HD video, and audio channels. The Premium package provides over 85 exciting TV channels.
Channels exclusive to Premium package include Mnet West, VUZU AMP, MNET Edge, Discovery channel, SuperSport 3, History Channel, Boomerang, Discovery, all HD channels, and so on. The Premium package is for people who want everything.
If you want to get HD channels then you need to go for the Premium because HD channels are exclusive on the Preminm package.
If you equally want to watch 100% matches of the English Premier league, the DSTV premium package is also what you need. You will have access to the Premier league’s 24-hour full HD content service, if you own a HD PVR decoder or Explora Decoder.

Get more information about DSTV services in Nigeria at www.dstv.com.

Be aware however that Multichoice reserve the right to alter channels in any package at anytime. So you always have to verify what is included in the package you want to purchase or subscribe for before making payment.

DSTV Installation, usage & subscription issues

We’ve compiled a few things you need to know about DSTV

DSTV Installation

DSTV Installation is free. When you’ve made your initial payment, you will not have to pay for anything in Nigeria. This is not a guarantee though and could be different, it all depends on some factors like location, retailer, distance, etc.
If you so wish, you can offer some payment to the installation technician. But the normal thing is for your installation cost to be included in your initial payment.
Feel free to get in touch with Multichoice to verify.

Are there Free Channels on DSTV?

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DSTV does not make provision for free channels, if your subscription has expired. Initially some channels may be available free for a few hours, but subsequently all DSTV channels will be cut till you pay your subscription. To avoid this situation, go to any DSTV outlet two days before your payment is due and make your payment. This renews your subscription automatically. You can equally renew online at QuickTeller via your InterSwitch ATM/Debit card.

How and Where To Pay For DSTV Subscription

DSTV subscription payment can be made at any outlet of the pay TV service closest to you. You can equally pay at some designated banks. Internet banking is more convenient than going to the bank. You can just make the payment from anywhere convenient for you.
There is another option and that is paying online through QuickTeller using your InterSwitch ATM/Debit card.
Endeavour to psy two days before your payment is due after all a stich in time saves nine.

To get specific information on DSTV concerning any African country, just visit DSTV Africa website at www.dstv.com. Options are provided for you to choose your country and access information about your country.

DSTV Nigeria TV Guide

DSTV Nigeria Payment Customer Packages Box office

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