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www.konga.com was opened in June 2012 by Sim Shagaya with ten employees. VISIT KONGA.COM HERE. CLICK HERE!

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www.Konga.comOn Konga shop for Phones Fashion Laptops Bags Shoes Dresses Fitness DVDs Nigeria also provides free shipping anywhere in Nigeria

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In March 2013, Naspers purchased a fifty percent stake in Konga. Konga obtained funds from Investment AB Kinnevik, a Swedish investment corporation.

www.konga.com obtained over $15 million in funding from financiers including Naspers and Kinnivik.

Multichoice Nigeria collaborated with Konga to boost its marketing distribution platform.

In the later part of 2013, Konga declared that it was relocating to a new work centre.


November 29th 2013, www.konga.com crashed and stayed offline for 45 minutes. They had exceptional website traffic as a result of its Black Friday promotions.

Sales on that day was same as the combined sales made throughout December 2012. Konga raised its server power to avoid website going offline in the future.

December 2013, HumanIPO picked Konga as one of the African technology startups of 2013. Five months later, Konga.com likes on Facebook got to one million, surpassing its competitor Jumia. www.konga.com Marketplace platform, which permits local and international resellers and merchants to upload their products (anything from Fashion, diapers, and toys, to mobile phones, electronics, accessories and more) went public in February 2014 with the aim to turn out to be the Nigerian (and future African) Alibaba marketplace and merchant.

During the 2014 Black Friday “Konga Yakata” sales, 50 Million value of order were processed per hour with more sales made from Konga’s mobile app.

Konga Fall Yakata sale, which provides some of the finest Black Friday Deals in Nigeria has started business for the 2014 edition. Some of the sweet deals are out of stock, but many awesome deals still linger. Here are some of the Black Friday Deals still available. Hurry, they can go out of stock at any time. Grab Deals Here

A lot of great deals are available at www.Konga.com this Black Friday 2014. Some amazing deals include, Lenovo A3300 7-inch tablet selling for just 15,000 Naira and Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop bundle selling for just 50,000 Naira. Here are some ongoing deals:

Konga, one of Nigeria’s frontline online vendor, will begin the 2015 Xmas shopping season with the 3rd edition of its Fall Yakata sales. Konga’s Fall Yakata Xmas sale begins a day early on November 27 and ends on December 1, 2014, even though most of the deepest discounts will feature on Black Friday, November 28 and Cyber Monday, December 1. Grab Deals Here

Konga calls the xmas sale ‘Fall Yakata‘ to show the drastic fall in prices that shoppers will be getting during the period. The Fall Yakata Christmas sale at Konga corresponds with Black Friday and Cyber Monday money-off sales in the United States.

Last year, Konga.com brought down the price of the PS4 during fall Yakata and guarantees lots of sweet deals this year. Konga calls it the “biggest shopping event” and assures customers up to 95% off products across all categories.

www.konga.com Konga Online Shopping Nigeria Fall Yakata Deals at Konga

He was however more than happy to talk about Konga’s latest expansion activities which can be assumed to be where the funding will be going. There is talk of expanding the engineering department, investing in core retail inventory, and in a surprising turn of events, ramping up Konga’s proprietary logistics and fulfilment infrastructure.

“Six months ago, we said we were not going to touch logistics. UPS was supposed to save us”, Sim said. Indeed, Konga inked a deal with UPS in late 2013 that was supposed to bridge the logistics gap with the courier service’s extensive Nigerian footprint and technology.

But it wasn’t enough. According to Sim, local fulfilment services have been unable to keep pace with the growing volume of Konga shipments, leading Konga to the conclusion that it must create its own logistics infrastructure, a service called Konga Express.

TLDR – Konga has created its own Apost. Over 200 staff have been recruited to work on Konga Express. Over the past two months, More than 15 K-Express dropoff points have been created to service that service its marketplace merchants. Sim expects that the fleet of vehicles that they are acquiring to make the deliveries will become as big as UPS in Nigeria before the end of 2015.

The Konga engineering team is also on track to explode, as the online shopping platform’s technology because more sophisticated and robust. User interface redesigns, mobile apps and payment tweaks are some of the more visible things Konga has been up to of late, but the growing pressure on the underlying infrastructure is necessitating a move towards owning its own technology and less dependence on Magento, one of the more popular shopping frameworks.

“We can’t hire engineers fast enough”, says Jim Hartford, director of engineering at Konga. There are currently over 80 developers on the team across Nigeria and South Africa, and recruitment is still ongoing.

In all, Konga currently employs over 800 staff.

While your visitors are at your site, they will probably want to browse around and see everything before “checking out.” Of course, if they see something they want to buy, for ex examples Phones Fashion Laptops bags shoes Konga fitness Kits Electronics they should be able to keep it on hand and purchase it when they leave. In other words, they need an electronic shopping cart to carry the items they want to purchase with them until they are ready to leave.

Most secure site providers include shopping cart software in their Web commerce packages, though you might need to provide your own if you can’t find a provider that meets all of your other needs and offers that software. A number of companies offer shopping cart software for Web commerce, including these:
Konga Phones Konga Laptops Konga Fashion

.     Konga Online Shop, at http:// www.konga.com
•    Mountain Networks, at http://www.mountain-net.com
•    AHG, at http://www.ahg.com
•    Americart, at http://www.cartserver.corn/americart
•    Oakland Group, at http://www.oaklnd.com
Interacting with Your Customers    www.konga.com konga online shopping Nigeria
Beyond establishing the technical infrastructure to do business online, you need to make a commitment to providing excellent customer service. In the online world, that means giving your customers a means to ask questions, offer opinions, and interact with your staff and other customers.
Several tools are available for interacting with your customers, but the most useful are guestbooks, Web-based discussion groups, and mailing lists. Regardless of the tool you choose, the most important aspect of customer service is responding to your customers’ questions and complaints promptly. A recent study from Jupiter Communications (http://www.jup.com) discovered that 42 percent of top-ranked Web sites took longer than five days to reply to customer e-mail inquiries, never replied at all, or were not accessible by e-mail. Responding to user inquiries and comments quickly is vital so that your current and potential clients don’t become frustrated at a perceived lack of response. By responding promptly to your customers’ inquiries, you can set yourself apart from the crowd.

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